Account Deletion

You can delete your MAL account on the web.
All account deletion requests are permanent. You cannot reactivate a deleted account or recover any account information after requesting a deletion. This includes purchased manga, MAL supporter status, anime/manga lists, private messages, and more.

You must save any information you would like to keep before requesting the deletion. Forum posts made by you will remain as "removed_user", so please manually delete any you would like erased.

I know my registered email and have access to it

Please go here after saving any information you would like to keep.

The form says my entered email is invalid

Note that you cannot delete your account through the above link if your account:

  • is currently banned or has been banned in the past (you will need to contact customer support)
  • has changed its email address in the last 30 days (please wait before requesting a deletion)
  • is a MAL supporter (you can cancel your Supporter status here)

No email arrives after completing the form

Please check your spam/junk folders. If it's not there and you are confident you entered the correct email address, please click the "contact support" and fill out the form.

I know my registered email, but do not have access to it

Please follow the steps below.

I can log in to my account

Go to your account settings and update your registered email to a valid one. Please note you will need to wait 30 days before deleting your account using the link above as a safety measure.

I cannot log in to my account

Please click the "contact support" and fill out the form. After the necessary identity verification procedures are completed, we will delete your account within 30 days and inform you by email. Please do not change your login information (username, email) during this time or it may delay the process.