Supported iOS version issue.

December 2, 2020
This issue has been resolved. - Since version1.0.5, you can install the app on iOS 12 as well. 


It's super frustrating to download an app only to find it doesn't work correctly, and we're sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

We discovered an error in the App Store settings which allowed users with incompatible iOS versions to download the app.

The early testing version only supports iOS 13+ so, in the lower iOS version environment, the app may not work properly.

Currently, the following problems are occurring in iOS 12:

  1. The app does not start.
  2. The app freezes on the splash screen.
  3. The app keeps loading the Home screen forever and doesn’t move on.

We are working to solve these problem right. The app with support iOS 12+ will be released as soon as we fix them; it's currently scheduled for the end of November.
The app currently in the store is only available in iOS 13 environments, so people in iOS 12 environments cannot download the app.


We hope that release will make it possible for you to use the app on your device, so please check back soon if this applies.