Account Linking

To participate in the MAL Discord server, you must link your MyAnimeList account with you Discord account.

MyAnimeList Bot uses the secure industry-standard authorization protocol known as OAuth2 in coordination with the official MyAnimeList API to ensure that accounts are linked securely and in confidence.

MyAnimeList Bot will not post to the MAL website or modify your MAL account. The bot is managed officially by MyAnimeList, so please do not be concerned when authorizing access.


⚠️ If you delete or lose access to a Discord account that is linked to your MyAnimeList account, you will need to contact the Discord moderators through Modmail for assistance.

How to Link

To participate in the server, you need to pass a couple of verification checks on top of linking your account. These verification checks are

  • Account age
  • Account activity

If your account is at least 30 days old and passes the minimum activity level, then you are eligible to participate in the server.

  1. Press the "Start" button in the #verify-mal-acct channel
  2. Enter your MyAnimeList username or the full link to your profile
    • This will complete the verification checks
    • If you failed the verification checks, the bot will tell you why. Please try again at a later suitable date
    • If you passed the verification checks, read on.
  3. Press the "Link Account" button
  4. Authorize MyAnimeList Bot to access your account
  5. Wait a few seconds and head back to Discord
  6. Use mal to check if your account has been linked correctly